10th IPELS Workshop
Djurönäset, 8-12 June 2009

KTH / EE / Space and Plasma Physics /

10th International Workshop on the Interrelationship between Plasma Experiments in Laboratory and Space (IPELS)

8-12 June 2009, Djurönäset, Sweden


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Space and Plasma Physics, School of Electrical Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology is pleased to invite IPELS to their home environment. Stockholm, the capital of the Kingdom of Sweden, sits where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea and is built around water. It was founded in the 13th century and has a nice variety of medieval and modern architecture. Outside of the city there is a breath-taking archipelago with some 24,000 islands. In the summertime daylight is ample, with the Sun setting around 10pm, and typical daytime temperatures of 20-25 C. The venue of the 10th IPELS Workshop is on the Baltic Sea, near Stockholm.

The purpose of the IPELS Workshop is to bring together the laboratory plasma physics and space plasma physics communities. Our hope is that the setting of the Workshop will inspire fruitful cross-disciplinary discussions.

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