10th IPELS Workshop
Djurönäset, 8-12 June 2009

KTH / EE / Space and Plasma Physics / IPELS 2009

Information for Presenters

In line with the general theme of the IPELS series of workshops all speakers/presenters are strongly encouraged to discuss connections between space and laboratory plasma physics whenever appropriate.

Oral presentations

Electronic presentations (PowerPoint or PDF) shall be uploaded to the meeting room computer prior to the session in which the talk is given. You will not be able to use your own laptop.

Feel free to email us your presentation ahead of the meeting. This is particularly encouraged for Monday morning talks. If your file is very large or if you are using linked movies please put everything in one zip file, put it on your web server, and email us the address where we can pick up the file.

Poster presentations

Poster boards are 190 cm tall by 100 cm wide. Posters may be on display all week.

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