10th IPELS Workshop
Djurönäset, 8-12 June 2009

KTH / EE / Space and Plasma Physics / IPELS 2009

IPELS 2009 Online Proceedings

This is an archive of the material presented at the 10th IPELS Workshop. Authors are invited (as well as encouraged) to upload their presentations.


F. AlladioConvective dynamos and anomalous shredding of angular momentum in solar and laboratory plasmas
Ghassan AntarOn the Nature of Intermittency in Magnetically Confined Devices
T. AntonovaSheath characteristics in the radio-frequency discharge inferred from microparticle levitation
Jenny ArcherDynamics and Characteristics of Black Aurora as Observed by High Resolution Ground-Based Imagers and Radar
Michael BrownMass dependent ion heating due to magnetic reconnection in the SSX plasma device
C. CastaldoEffects of Dust on Fluctuations and Scattering in Plasmas
Hanna DahlgrenGround-based optical observations during the Cascades-2 rocket
Seth DorfmanGlobal and Local 3-D Effects in the Magnetic Reconnection Experiment (MRX)
Anders I ErikssonWake behind a positively charged spacecraft: nuisance, blessing, and lab connections
Anna G. FrankImpulsive phase of magnetic reconnection in current sheets
Åshild FredriksenConfinement and instabilities in Njord – dependence on magnetic field geometry
R. GrauerBridging Eulerian and Lagrangian fluctuations in compressible turbulence
H. GunellSimulations of plasmoids penetrating a magnetic barrier
Tomas KarlssonSmall-scale plasmoids in the magnetosheath and the solar wind
Thomas B. LeyserPumping ionospheric plasma with powerful radio waves carrying orbital angular momentum
Robert L. LysakModeling kinetic Alfven waves in the magnetosphere and in the lab
Octav MarghituEvent study of the auroral current-voltage relationship with conjugate Cluster and FAST data
Göran MarklundAdvances in auroral research by Cluster studies and other recent efforts
M.C. MillerProbe Measurements of Flow and Transport of Momentum and Particles in MST
Lekha Nath MishraEffects on Fluctuations in a Helicon Plasma by the Addition of a Guiding Coil Magnetic Field
Nader MorshedianThe Experimental Results and Analysis of Ion Energy of Femtosecond Laser Plasma Interaction
C. NiemannCollisionless Laboratory Astrophysics at the Large Plasma Device
Hans NilssonEffective heavy ion heating in low magnetic field regions in the Earth\\\'s magnetosphere
Ding NingEffects of Various Inductances on the Dynamic Models of the Z-pinch Implosion of Nested Wire Arrays
Mark NornbergThe Princeton Magnetorotational Instability Experiment
H.K. ParkSaw tooth reconnection physics and the evolution of visualization tool for toroidal plasma physics study
Kian RahbarniaExperimental investigations of Alfvén wave dispersion behavior
G. RegnoliAnomalous transport in dusty plasmas: numerical results vs experiments.
M. RietveldThe Next Generation European Incoherent Scatter Radar System: EISCAT 3D and related facilities
Kristoffer RypdalComplex-system approaches to space- and laboratory plasmas
K. SauerBeam-excited Whistler Waves: Relevance to Laboratory and Space Experiments
Timo SchröderExperimental investigations of the formation of double layer in diverging magnetic fields
Henning SoltwischExperimental Simulation of Solar Flares
Mikhail StarodubtsevBasic plasma physics experiments and modeling of space phenomena on large inductively coupled magnetoplasma devices
Mikhail StarodubtsevNonlinear interaction of quasi-electrostatic waves with a magnetoplasma: laboratory studies
Torbjörn SundbergOn the Properties of the Ionospheric Convection Drivers
Dmytro SydorenkoTwo-dimensional fluid and hybrid simulations of low-altitude auroral flux-tubes
T.D. TharpMeasurements of Hall Reconnection in MST
Bo ThidéPlasma vorticiy and electromagnetic angular momentum
Edward ThomasMulti-scale studies of sheared flows I: Project overview and initial results
Derek J ThuecksTests of collision operators using laboratory measurements of shear Alfv\\\\\\\'en wave dispersion and damping
M. UgaiModeling of flare phenomena in space plasmas by fast reconnection
Hannah VickersEvaluation of the Incoherent Scatter Analysis during Artificial Ionospheric Heating Experiments
Masaaki YamadaExperimental Studies of the Physics of Magnetic Reconnection and their Application to Space and Astrophysics
M. YamadaLaboratory Study of Solar Flare Dynamics in MRX

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