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Laboratory Experiments

Laboratory experiments are made both in-house, and in devices located at institutions abroad. In both cases, the projects are run in cooperation between researchers at KTH and external cooperation partners.

In-house experiments, space oriented

  • The Green Tank is a flexible device, with different discharge modes and magnetic topologies.
  • The Triple Plasma Machine is used for studies of double layers at low neutral densities.

External experiments, space oriented

  • The Microgravity plasma experiment on the International Space Station, ISS.
  • The Lindberg Plasma Gun, in 2006 moved from KTH to West Virginia University, USA.
  • The VASIMR magnetoplasma rocket prototype in Houston.

External experiments, applied plasma physics

  • The HIPIMS high power sputtering magnetron at Linköping.
  • Facilities at FOI, the Swedish Defence Reseach Agency, Grindssjön:
    • Pulsed Explosive Driven Power Generators.
    • Virtual Cathode Oscillators for microwave production.

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Last updated: 2013-06-18