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Spacecraft and Instruments

Currently in operation

  • Ørsted Danish microsatellite to study primarily the geomagnetic field (1999-)
  • Cluster ESA Cornerstone mission to study solar wind - magnetosphere interaction by multi-point measurements (2000-)
  • Champ German microsatellite to study primarily the Earth's magnetic and gravitational fields (2000-)
  • SMART-1 ESA technology mission to the Moon (2003-)
  • Rosetta ESA Cornerstone mission to go into orbit around as well as land on comet P/67 Churyumov-Gerasimenko (2004-)


  • BepiColombo ESA-JAXA Cornerstone mission to planet Mercury (2013)
  • MMS NASA multi-point mission to study Earth's magnetosphere, in particular energy transfer mechanisms, at a variety of scale sizes (2013)

In post-flight analysis phase

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Last updated: 2013-06-18