Kayser Italia


 Kayser Italia is a private independent aerospace system engineering company with 50 employees, specializing in electronics, aeronautics, mechanics, thermodynamics, physics, computer science, optics and molecular biology. Kayser Italia has participated in more than 50 space missions with over 80 payloads, all of them successful. The company has worked in many European Space Agency (ESA) and Italian Space Agency (ASI) programmes. The payloads developed by Kayser Italia have been flown on the Russian capsules Bion, Foton, Progress, Soyuz, on the Shuttle Transportation System (STS), on the Japanese HTV module, on the Chinese Shenzhou-8, on the European ATV module, and of course on the International Space Station (ISS).

The main role in the SEAM project is leading the design, manufacturing, assembly, integration and test of the deployable boom.