Laboratory for ElectroMagnetic Innovation


 LEMI was founded July 3, 2008 as a joint venture between Houston based KMS Technologies and the Lviv Centre of Institute for Space Research (LCISR) to focus on the development and production of electromagnetic (EM) sensors for the geophysical industry. LEMI is located in Lviv, Ukraine.

The mission of LEMI is to produce the highest quality geophysical EM sensors with the lowest noise figure on the market, at competitive prices, as well as their calibration facilities. The primary product lines are low noise induction coil magnetometers and custom fluxgate magnetometers. These sensors may be optimized for use in marine and land magnetotelluric and controlled source EM measurements. LEMI is producing the magnetometers and magnetotelluric stations for scientific research and raw materials prospecting (oil, gas etc.), which are exported in more than 15 countries, including EU, USA, Japan, India, Australia, Brazil and others.

Within the SEAM project LEMI is responsible for development of the fluxgate and search-coil magnetometer and electric field sensors.