The Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) is a commercial government-owned limited company with about 600 employees, active in a wide range of space activities going back to 1961. The Swedish national programmes have formed the core of SSC's activities, leading to SSC's development into a competent actor in the branch. Satellite management services and engineering services are the major activities of the company, but SSC also designs and develops high-technology hardware and software in-house. SSC owns several subsidiary companies: LSE (Germany), USN (USA), SSC Chile (Chile), ECAPS and NanoSpace (Sweden). SSC manages Esrange Space Center.

The Satellite Management Services Division (SaMS) provides ground segment support to satellite operators and launch service providers. Through multi-mission equipped stations, high automation and skilled station personnel cost-effective and reliable services are offered. Today the ground stations provide services to over 200 satellite passes per day.

SSC will provide the S-band data link for the project, developing and implementing an operational scenario for flexible scheduling, and will contribute to the RF-testing and end-to-end system tests.