20141024 - Fit Check test


A fit check test was conducted at KTH on October 20-24, where the prototype of the structure was assembled with structural models of all hardware. One of the challenges was to define the length and routing pathes for all cables, and update the assembly procedure accordingly.
The major goal of the performed fit check was to review the mechanical design as well as mechanical and electrical interfaces. Therefore all parts were provided as engineering models or mock-ups and have been assembled resulting in a first mock-up of the CubeSat. While on the mechanical side mainly the ability to assemble the CubeSat as well as the manufacturing quality and accuracy of the structure have been verified, the focus of the electrical interfaces was lying on connector positions, cable routing, cable lengths and on appropriate assembly steps when handling hardware and cables. The fit check was performed without major problems in satellite design and interfaces, so that the mechanical and electrical components can be finalized towards the CDR in spring 2015.