Electrical Power System


The core of the Electrical Power System is the GomSpace NanoPower P-series power supply, designed for small, low-cost satellites with power demands from 1-30W. Employing a strictly KISS design philosophy, the NanoPower interfaces to triple junction photo-voltaic cells and uses a highly efficient boost-converter to condition their output power in order to charge the provided lithium-ion batteries. The incoming power along with the energy stored in the batteries is used to feed two buck-converters supplying a 3.3V@5A and a 5.9V@4A (configurable) output bus. Six individually controllable output switches with over-current shut-down and latch-up protection are provided.

SEAM uses a P31us power supply in combination with GomSpace solar panels using 30% efficient solar cells. SEAM has 4 P110 solar panels, 6 P110U solar panels (with built-in magnetorquers), and two custom 3U solar panels.

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