Onboard Computer


SEAM uses the next generation of GomSpace OBC, the Nanomind A3200. The A3200 on-board computer is designed as an efficient system for space applications with limited resources, such as e.g. for CubeSat or nanosatellite missions. In addition to a fully capable computer system, it provides a 3-Axis magnetometer to sense the Earth magnetic field and coil-drivers that can be used to implement attitude control based on magnetic sensing and actuation. Besides the 3-Axis magnetometer, it also features a 3-Axis gyroscope. Its main interface to other subsystems are a CAN bus and an I2C bus. For storage the board carries a 128 MB NOR serial flash but optionally a SD-card socket can be installed instead of the flash. The RTC chip on the board also functions as a processor companion while 32 kB of FRAM provides non-volatile storage.

The microcontroller and RAM are reused from the NanoCom U482C and the board also shares the RTC, RAM and microcontroller with the AX100 radio. The form factor of the A3200 fits on a GomSpace motherboard, which makes it possible to fit both a radio and an OBC in the same space as a standard OBC would require.